Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Lyrics: Zakuro, traducción (inglés)

Zakuro (Pomegranate)
By: Suilen
Album: The Dawn (2009)
No. track: 1
Site: livejournal pipxseras (thank you!!/gracias!!)
I want to cut you in order to ascertain

I want to see
On top of the polished paulownia shelf*
Standing side by side
Do I really inhabit there now?
Does my other half live?

Do I scare you if I hold you down?
I'll do it little by little so,
I'll carve your chest open and
only wish to crawl my tongue over it.

The Outside is like a spellbinding transparent membrane.
The Inside is tinged with the black purple color of passion.
I am a pomegranate that's about to burst.
Let me spill!
Peel me off!
Gathering the Fiber...
I'll unravel for you.
I'll (go) bury for you.
I'll boil for you.

What kind of voice cries in your blood?

I'll turn you liquid. To smear you and to taste you.
I'll mix (us). To stitch and to caress.
(Let's) Entwine together.
Turn you into powder. I paint and lick you.
Turn you into mist. I paint and lick you...

I want to suck you in.**


*De acuerdo a una tradición de Japón y China, cuando una mujer nace, se dice que se planta un árbol de paulownia. En el momento que ella se case, la pareja tendrá que hacer uso de la madera de éste, ya que se considera como un ritual para el matrimonio.

**Yo quiero absorberte/inhalarte totalmente como alternativas.

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